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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Behind any image is – at least – one idea. Art is an exploration, a constant search between lights, lines, shadows and colors. Sometimes capturing (any) image on the photo camera is not quiet enough to express everything we felt is in that image, other time an image inspire us to go further and by changing or adding details or elements we will create something new, something different.
The digital era allow us a much easier handling of the images, I remember when I done my first collage work how I cut off imagines from magazines with a scissor and I put them together to obtain a new picture with glue. It wasn’t easy and clean, but it was definitively fun!
So, I had some nice photos of a beautiful woman and on the other hand I had some landscapes and flowers. My digital overdub it becomes like a repainting of reality and I tried to create a mysterious dream world with a discrete erotic perfume. I hope you will enjoy it.
This is a little incursion into digital art, photo manipulation and collage work. I used exclusively my photos and I worked with Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop and Photo-Brush.

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