Sex in the City by Ruslan Lobanov

Monday, July 4, 2011
Kiev or Venice, New York or Rome, Paris or London, Prague or Tokyo, Moscow or Berlin, the glamour and romance have the same seductive perfume.
Love is in the air, don’t matter if you’re at Istanbul, Vilnius, Seattle or Bruges, the attraction is the same, illusory or not, it surrounds us and gets under our skin, it’s just simply glamourous while a glamour was originally said to be a spell cast by a witch to make somebody see things in a different way. Love is blind? The devil may know, but we need it just as we need the air that we breath.
Charm and decadence, desire and the guilty pleasures we can live with or without are made to be brought to life.
Photographer Ruslan Lobanov, from Kiev, Ukraine reveals something which might be identified with “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” or “La Dolce Vita”. Sometimes even the poison is sweeter than we thought. And we’re gonna swallow all of it till the very last drop.
Naked in the city, waiting for a train in the station, careless on the beach, embracing a stranger in the backyard or just lying restless on the bad in a hotel room, sometimes if you close your eyes, everything it’s possible. Not necessarily real, but dreaming for a while won’t hurt nobody.

Ruslan Lobanov @ PhotoLine
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