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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anatoliy Toor is director, production designer, photographer. Born on January 22, 1974 (Makiivka, Donetsk region). In 1985-89 he studied at art school Makeyevka, in 1989-93 – at the Donetsk State Art School (diploma on “Computer Game – Puzzle”), in 1993-94 – at the Soros Center for Contemporary Art, in 1994-95 – in animation courses studio “Pilot”, parallel to 1994-96 – VGIK (specialty “artist director of animated films”), in 2002-03 – the All-Russian Institute of Cinematography of employees ( creative writing courses). The director of a number of animated commercials, videos, TV series. He has designed many television productions and films, a series of exhibitions, books and computer games. He was the chief designer of TV programs “Attic Fruttis” (1998) and “The Academy Ashibok Own” (1999). In 1996 he received the Academy Award “Nika”.

Photography fascinated him since his childhood. Spent his first photo-experiments in his college years. Shot on film camera FED-3. He was inspired by the work of Helmut Newton.
In 2004, it became possible to photograph with a digital camera, thus avoiding time-consuming processes of film development, printing. He started to experiment with images in the computer, watched as a digital camera reacts to the day, the artificial light. Perfecting retouching digital photos, selecting for themselves rather laborious method of treatment, which got a working title of “drawing with light.” This method of treatment has allowed him to get high-quality images that retain their original naturalness.
Gradually the picture began to take on new meaning for me. At the beginning of his journey he was interested in form, line, silhouette, then literature, drama and psychology. For Anatoliy Toor, photography took place when there is a sense of life, when you see and feel the space and time in the photos – that was before and what happened after that, when the picture tells the story.

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