The Naked Truth. Photos by Levon Baghramyan

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I’m quite convinced that in the same location and having the same model, even arranged in some standard position, different photographers will reveals different aspects. Photography is a little bit of magic, and not at least, involves vision and inspiration. And photography is perfection as it is illusion.
Levon “Levonty” Baghramyan, photographer from Donetsk, Ukraine use the bodies as “objects” and place them in strictly calculated compositions, almost mathematical constructions. The lines, curves, and not at least the lights, open for us a window to a beautiful, existing world where the nudity and beauty reveals other dimensions.
I have a few words in my mind: naked, truth and light…

“Something gets right through to your telling bone
There's a sudden itch
An electric twitch
Sometimes I swear this body's got a mind of it's own
This is the naked truth
This is the light…”

Levon “Levonty” Baghramyan @ Photodom
Levon “Levonty” Baghramyan @ 500px
Levon “Levonty” Baghramyan @ Photo Moment



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