On A Quest for Splendor with Boris Soloviev

Monday, July 25, 2011

Playing with lights and shadows, mysterious shapes, obscure curves and hidden forms, juggling with the seen and unseen, with silk, nylon and the smooth “fields” of naked skin, Boris Soloviev invite and guide us on a joyful quest for splendor. Vivid colours or black and white images, sharp pictures or blurred scenes, Soloviev puts the pure beauty in the center of his imagines. Elegance, subtle charm and… sexy girls.
Eroticism is like the perfume, sometimes it’s not visible at all, but still very powerful and magnetic.
Eroticism is magic. The right trick makes you… click.

Living in Bruxelles, Belgium, photographer Boris Soloviev seems to be on an endless quest for beauty. Each picture is a step further, a secret station of joy. And with each step Soloviev makes you want go further, attract you deeper in this burning universe.

Boris Soloviev @ Photodom
Boris Soloviev @ zPhoto 


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