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Friday, July 15, 2011

“I wanna top the rose petals that whisper sweet / Come on / So dark, dark, so dark / So dark, dark, so dark / Inside lookin’ out my window / I don’t see nothin’ but rain / Sun up in the sky just a shinin’ (just a shinin’) / Still I’m lost in my shadow of pain / Like an innocent man that’s on death row / I don’t understand what made u go / And wanna leave me baby / Leave me in the dark / Can u tell me, tell me? / U took my sex and my money (money) / Took all my self esteem, yes u did / U had the nerve 2 / think it was funny (funny) / I never knew a bitch so mean, yes sir / U absolutely drove a man 2 tears / All I really know is that u sincerely / U wanna hurt me baby, oh yes u do / U wanna hurt me in the dark / (Sunshine) Somebody make the sun shine / (Dark cloud) Somebody take this dark cloud away…

Just as sure as Noah built the ark
That’s how sure
That’s how sure I am u broke my heart
How could u baby, leave me in the dark?
Baby, so dark
So dark, dark, so dark
Feel like the sun ain’t never gonna shine
U left me in the dark
So dark, dark, so dark
I don’t know, I don’t know why we ever had 2 part
Baby, can’t see a damn thing out my window it’s so dark (so dark)
(So dark, dark, so dark)
Sometimes I want 2 curse the ground u walk on
Even when I know that everything u feel I feel it 2
I wanna curse u baby
U left me in the dark
And now I want 2, I wanna curse u baby
4 leavin’ me alone, alone, alone
U left me in the dark, yes u did
And now all I wanna say is
In the dark
Ow, u left me
Ow, u left me
It’s like being on death row (In the dark)
I don’t understand why u had 2 go
I don’t understand why u (hurt me in the dark)
Don’t understand why u (hurt me in the dark)
Don’t understand why u hurt me (hurt me, hurt me)
Hurt me (hurt me in, hurt me in)
Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me (hurt me in the dark)
Just leave me…” (Prince – “Dark”, from album “Come” – 1994)

Mariana Yam @ Photodom


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