Gloom, Glamour and Guilt by Andry A.Tych

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Like flowers in the dirt or pearls thrown to the pigs, life have its dark and sunny side. None would exist without the other, without any of them we wouldn’t be able to see the difference. But someone’s dirt might be others gold and we can not blame anybody. What some considered “deviant”, others lives as normality. The difference between ugliness and beauty is only a matter of perception.
Brutal realism, natural rawness, a twist of sick surrealism and vivid colours, a world of grace and filthiness made of subtle expressionism and disturbing vulgarity, contorted bodies and tortured souls which reveals the constant struggle between the light and the darkness.

Andry A.Tych covers a large spectrum of photography. He’s imagines are fragments of our world, skeletons from our closets or simple snapshot-like puzzles of our life. Some might be quite shocking or directly disgusting. Revealing a vagina is offending? For some people definitively yes, for others are desire and need while for others is not even something to be noticed, it’s simply normality. Art is something quite abstract and sometimes what we see is not quite important. Art might have its sick way to express things sometimes, art is not exclusively about beauty as some might believe. This is – once again – only a matter of perception.
Well, sometimes some things are so filthy that you just can’t turn away your eyes and can’t stop watching.

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