Vision and desire, the world of Eduard Zentsik

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Graphic artist, painter, photographer, designer, author of installations, performer and musical improviser, Eduard Zentski, age 36, born at Sillamae, Estonia, member of the Russian Artists Union in Estonia, member of the Photographers Union in Estonia, member of art societies “April” and “Yezi”, collaboratior with magazines, auction houses and galleries across Europe, bring to life his visions, a world of shadows, fears, lights and desire.
You can turn off the light, close your eyes, the visions and the dream world always will return haunting.
The photos of Eduard Zentski have a profound retro/vintage and realistic depth, sometimes a distorted reality, sometimes pieces from a gloomy, shattered universe, other time captures the beauty or the simple, unfiltered reality as it is. Vision and reality collide and reveals another face of the world. Life is a matter of perception, so beauty or ugliness, reality or dreams are as well. Secrets are made to be discovered. If you want to hide something, the best way is to show it up. If you scared of something – face it. Life is a big labyrinth of choices and there are lighter or darker paths, but each worth to be explored. And Eduard Zentski explore them all.

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