In the Heat. Summertime

Thursday, July 7, 2011

“In the summertime when the weather’s high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky, when the weather’s fine, you got women, you got women on your mind.Have a drink, have a drive, go out and see what you can find. If her daddy’s rich, take her out for a meal.If her daddy’s poor, just do as you feel. Speed along the lane, Do a ton, or a ton and twenty-five. When the sun goes down, you can make it, make it good in a lay-by. We’re not grey people, we’re not dirty, we’re not mean. We love everybody, but we do as we think. When the weather’s fine we go fishing or go swimming in the sea. We’re always happy, life’s for living, yeah, that’s our philosophy. Sing along with us, dee-dee-dee-dee-dee. Da-da-da-da-da…Yeah, we’re happy happy, da-da-da-da-dah. In the summertime…”

I won’t let myself bring down by the perspective of another recession. It’s on the corner, I know, but to hell with worries, I’m just sick of them. Totally ignoring the “big C”, I light up another cigarette and I close my eyes.
I wake up on the beach and the summer breeze… “makes me feel fine… Blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind”. :) I hope you know what I’m talking about.
“Sweet days of summer – the jasmine’s in bloom
July dressed up and playing her tune
When I come home from a hard day’s work
And you’re waitin’ there
I don’t have a Care
A care in this world…”

Photography by – Dima H @ Photodom


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