Gloom and Glamour through Stefano Perez Tonella’s lens

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stefano Perez Tonella was born on 29th November 1972 and he graduated in DAMS (fine-art, music and drama) from the University of Bologna (Italy), with a specialization in Theater Aesthetics. He has been working in theaters for several years. He developed an interest in Photography.
His pictures reveals different aspects of life from the erotic spiced glamorous images with vivid vintage taste to modern conceptual exposures of situations, contextual images of cityscapes, landscapes or still-life images filled with subtle sensitivity and naturalness. Merging candid compositions with surreal and real content, Stefano Perez Tonella expose a both beauty and boldness of the world we’re living in.

Since 2008, Stefano Perez Tonella has been working as a free-lance photographer, collaborating with several Agencies, Corporates and private clients. His interest in Creative Photography is often driven by either a few characters, any human condition or alternative lifestyles.
Stefano Perez Tonella is charmed by the women of the Deep South described by Tennessee Williams: the tragic, seductive, nature of Salome (and the predatory one of her mother Herodias), and also the dark character of Lady Macbeth and the multiple fragments of our “Simulacrum Society”.
Based in Italy and Spain, Stefano Perez Tonella is specialized in Catalogue, Advertising and Fashion Photography. Mainly using digital Canon cameras, but also like to shoot on film as well. For still-life photography, Stefano Perez Tonella either use a Hasselblad medium format camera (with a digital back) or a single lens reflex (together with Tilt & Shift lenses).

Stefano Perez Tonella – Official Site
Contact Info:
Phone: (+39) 347 – 35.83.970
Location: Barcelona, Spain and Varese, Italy


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