A surreal glamorous world through Furka’s lenses

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Polished colors, fading lights, bodies and objects in shadow, painting-like sets and a gloomy but glamorous world is coming alive in the pictures of Furka Ishchuk-Paltseva.
Mystery, strange perfumes and almost unreal sequences from a secret world hidden from the eyes of the ignorant. Blessed are the poor in spirit? Perhaps, but they miss the sparking, the magic aroma of the life and the path down to the “sin” it’s full of tasteful – and sometimes painful – fruits. And can you condemn anything without knowing what it is or how it taste like? Sure we can, but obviously we don’t have a goddamn hunch what we’re talking about. Ignorance is bliss? Maybe, but it’s also emptiness, regrets, bitterness and self-mutilation.
God create men and woman to love each other and create the beauty to be admired and to bring pleasure.
Furka Ishchuk-Paltseva reveal us beauty and mystery, a world which is always in the front of our eyes, but we refuse sometimes to see it.

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