Elena Oganesyan – hunting down the ghosts of love

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Haunted spaces full of mysteries and buried memories. Little secrets hidden in the shadow and passing-by ghosts. A world of the unseen magic reveals itself step by step, piece by piece, through the tiny little holes on the veil of obscurity. Fading pictures of a forgotten universe. Torn scenes from a silent film or pieces of a slide show. Dissolved and sharp details, sparking eroticism and charming innocence are merged into one, discrete and vibrating image. And the little ballerina start her solitary dance…
Elena Oganesyan capture on her camera images from another world or century right here and right now. She discovered a secret doorway to a parallel universe, to an unseen space. It’s a vision imbued with the subtle perfume of mystery and the elegance of the retro/vintage style. Her characters – models – have a candid innocence, natural sensuality and the exciting dose of mystery. Some of Elena’s photos reminds me of the so-called “ghost pictures” where more or less strange appearances – spirits – shows up in the images unexplainable and it seems she hunting down all that mysteries and ghosts of love. It’s seems a fictional world, a surrealist universe with fine traces of eroticism, a gloomy world breathing full of life and screaming to be discovered. Powerful, still subtle, sensitive and expressive, Elena’s works reveals surprising and mysterious fragments of life.

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