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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Far as I know there is still no solution to obtain light without heat. On the other hand, authorities – the censorship – and more and more hypocrites draw a line between love and sex, so-called art and pornography, nudity and vulgarity. So, there is love without sex? Platonically maybe. Platonic love for impotence. Eventually. This is pure hypocrisy. Nudity is not something to be ashamed of. Love is not filth in any case and circumstances don’t matter how we talk about it or how we show it. Sex may be not love in all the cases, but sex is mainly result of attraction or at least the act to satisfy an absolutely normal need. Perhaps it’s the one and only essence of life. And it’s not only an exclusive human characteristic. But well, we like to make a big fuzz about it. It’s at least fun how Jesus is identified with love, but in the name of Christianity we use to condemn the purest form of love, we censored and sometimes even deny the love. Well, it’s a fucked up world.
“Ain’t it a shame that you can’t say fuck, Fucks just a word and it’s all fucked up, Like a fucked up punk, with a fucked up mouth, Nine Inch Nails’ll get knock the fuck out, Fucked up AIDS, from fucked up sex, Fake ass titties on her fucked up chest, We’re all fucked up, so whatcha wanna do, Well fucked up me and a fucked up you!” (Limp Bizkit – Hot Dog)
I think sex is overrated. And many of the people who raise they voice against nudity and sex in the name of purity, a fucked up religion or some abstract and relative moral values, mainly dose it because they are handicapped physically or mentally, or in the worst case they are some hypocrite perverts.
Love is the sum of our experiences. Some good, some bad, some strange or unexpected, maybe sometimes even twisted. I believe there is no limit in love, can’t draw a line, can’t declare something good or something evil, maybe something it’s acceptable or not for one particular person (in a particular moment), but never generally. And there’s no photography without involvement and love. Love have a million beautiful faces and Anton Demin, a photographer from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, show a million faces of love, affection, sensitivity, human interaction and the natural, simple beauty of the human body. And well, if everything ending with a wedding – just like in the joke, why a blonde watch a porno movie till the end? – it’s just perfect.

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