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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life is nothing but a long line of experiences. And memories. But mind is a tricky “thing”, have an efficient preservation instinct, its bury or erase the unpleasant experiences,  its make his own independent and uncontrollable selection of what worth or not to keep. And well, this freedom of our brain may be not a bad thing, but still, it’s funny or annoying that our brain have this liberty and a kind of “clean-up utility” and take this kind of action without our knowledge.
On the other hand we have our own way to keep memories. :) In the era of digital cameras anybody can be a photographer, eventually an artist. And well, once again, this ain’t a bad thing at all! Sometimes you really don’t need sophisticated equipments, expensive gears to capture something unique. Actually in a particular moment, in a particular place you may be the only one who can do it. And I think this is wonderful. And I love the so-called snapshots. I believe a good snapshot worth one thousand times more than many of the too prepared, too arranged, mostly quite unnatural “professional” shots.
Alena Z. took a few beautiful pictures and she was kind enough to share some of them with us. Strong black and white imagines, conceptual works, subtle and sensual nudes, colorful portraits, lovely flowers, city slides or pages from her journals of travelings, her pictures are nice pieces of her memories and interesting mirrors of her vision, perspective and particular point of view. She takes pictures of the life and reminds us that simplicity and naturalness is the most beautiful thing. In life. :) And she keep a door wide open back to our universal memories.

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