Gothic glamour by Konstantin Alexandroff

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The magnetism of the dark side is always a strong and sometimes an irresistible one. Everybody keeps secrets, have things to hide and everybody at least once have been a “peeping Tom”. Well, instead looking through a keyhole, it’s much more comfortable watching some pictures on the internet, isn’t it? :D
Erotic photography dating from 1835 until the 1960′s is often referred to in the years since as vintage photography. Erotic photography should be distinguished from pornographic photography, which is of a sexually explicit nature. Glamour photography is a genre of photography whereby the subjects, usually female, are portrayed in a romantic or sexually alluring way. The subjects may be fully clothed or seminude, but glamour photography stops short of deliberately arousing the viewer and being pornographic photography. There is always a thin and actually undefined line between genres and mostly the delimitation is up to the beholder.
For Konstantin Alexandroff there is no nudes. There is a portrait, with all its nuances. “Nude” is just a label that hung up on any exposure that’s more socially accepted. Despite all this, use of this shortcut is very convenient, only two characters are replaced by a decent paragraph. Artistic nudes, respectively, including a portrait of some creative idea, and in which a key or an auxiliary element acts aesthetics body. Alexandroff was always interested in beauty and complexity of the human body, mind and soul. And Alexandroff prefers exclusively girl models because, as he says “I’m homophobic and I can not stand the form of naked male bodies.”
And he like to explore “the dark side” because as he says “positive themes are not very interesting.” This type of glamour/gothic/artistic nude combination always resonate with a large group of viewers. Alexandroff prefers shooting outside the studio and always it’s interested in new experiences, exciting tasks.
He’s engaged in non-profit shooting art nudes in a style/fashion/glamor, as well as in collaborations with ensembles, bands.
He’s equipment is usually a digital Canon 5D Mark II or the medium format film camera MamiyaRZ67 Pro II.

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