Roman Piasetskiy – sensual intimacy and tight affection

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Looking at Roman Piasetskiy’s photos I noticed a candid affection, sensitive attachment, a particular intimacy. He’s model seems to be he’s universe, his camera rotate around her as the Moon rotate around the Earth and there’s a powerful attraction, a beautiful tension and Roman Piasetskiy managed to capture not only the beauty of his model, but the discrete shades of this relation as well. The naturalness and refinement of the model, the subtle use of the lights and shadows, the simplicity of his scenes, the quite as life perfume of his images gave a special charm to his works. Roman Piasetskiy make some interesting experiences, turn around pictures or capture the reality in the mirror and offering by that different perspectives for the beholder.
Roman Piasetskiy sherd with us some very intimate images and feelings, exposing not only pictures, but sentiments. In a world alienated where we all are strangers to each other and even to our self, this pictures remind us the beauty of the intimacy, simple, still and quiet life. Photography is the memory of our moments. It’s almost like looking into a private, family album or quite sneaking into somebody’s bad room. But well, nothing’s ever intimate anymore…

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