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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When we’re looking at a nude photography we’re thinking about what the photographer had in his mind, what he felt, what perhaps the model had in her mind or about what she felt or simply our desire, our appetite for sex and excitement drive us to other thoughts? We ever think about the soul of a model? I don’t think so… Mainly they have only the role of “objects of our desire”. Probably most of the beholders don’t even notices the gentle play of shadows and lights, the construction of the composition, the contrasts of the objects and colors, all the “small” details that the photographers are carefully arrange and which made a picture beautiful, interesting or exciting. The simple capturing of a naked body, a surface of skin, a curved part of the body, the “simple” exposure of the nudity sometimes is just not enough.
Thierry sees the nude as a source of visual material using building blocks of form, texture and tone, he interact those shapes with a great comprehension and subtle use of light. Thierry is not concerned with the personality of the model and rarely include faces in his imagines as these are not intended to be portraits. The nude generates an infinite range of emotional and creative responses informed by the experiences of the artist, the model, the viewer and the context in which the viewing takes place. Models are people and the interaction between the model and the photographer has an inevitable effect on his images. And the people were always curious about the relation between the artist and his model. There must be a kind of alchemy and magnetism, “taking pictures” is an intimate interaction in any circumstances, just like there is a tight relation between the artist and his camera as well. All those “small” details together contribute – or not – to  achieve the image the artist had in his mind eventually.
Thierry Marcoux is a Canadian photographer using Nikon & Hassy cameras.

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