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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pascal Renoux loves the images and have a special sense to detect the beauty in any image. I noticed his pictures some time ago, but Renoux explored the painting and drawing as well. He returned to his camera and photography and captured the beauty in its different forms and lights. He may be best known for his sensitive nudes, but he proof his talent by capturing some impressive landscapes, his intimate still-life, and not at least by his expressive portraits and hands. I love his tones of sepia and black and white pictures, but his color pictures also has an exciting brightness, a shine of life that comes through by any and each of his pictures. And each of his pictures have a story to tell, have its own life, it’s a sensitive dance of shadows and lights, forms and curves, shapes and shades, clearness and obscurity, concrete and mystery, rhythm and poetry.

Born in 1962 , lives and works in Nantes and north of Vendée, France.
Between 1980 and 2002 he explore several types of graphic expressions like drawing, painting, etching, and since 2002 begins to work only in photography.
His models are amateurs. And Mr. Renoux is a self-taught photographer who doesn’t like photographic technique, he says he is searching for beauty, and for a beautiful light, because that’s the real subject for him. He use a digital camera and prefer the natural morning light. He makes these pictures for himself, but we all share the pleasure to enjoy his shots.

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