Andrew Lucas and the love for the women

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Andrew Lucas loves women. Every man loves women. Who doesn’t? Please, don’t answer this. Lucas said: “For me there is no good or bad women. She is the one. I love her to infinity.” And Lucas keep things simple: “My work does not aim to change the world.He never works alone and likes to improvise. He says: “The significance of the model can not be overestimated. It makes the shot.” The role, the aim of the photographer is “to carve a diamond.” To provide for the model the perimeter in which she feels confident and to prescribe to her the role. And outdoor or in the studio, at the set, Lucas likes the theatrical arrangements, take care of all the details. Everything must be perfect. And it is, maybe quite too perfect. Andrew Lucas have thousands of pictures, it’s impossible to make a selection which covers all his work. Just take your time and explore his photo albums and galleries. And once again, it’s not about sex or nudity, it’s about the restless search for beauty and love. Lucas is the man who loves women, a humble man with his camera in the services of the beauty.
“There are writers and there are readers. You have decided – Who are you?” It’s a nice thought. In my case the answer it’s quite simple: I’m a writer who forgot to read. Lucas with his camera is a subtle director who knows exactly what he want to capture and knows exactly how to do it.
Lucas is from a small provincial town Nikopol from Ukraine where he live, work and enjoy photography. He use a Nikon D80. The first and only camera he have in his life. “Not because it’s the best. Because – it’s the first one.”

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