Andre Turner – Revealing secrets

Monday, April 25, 2011

For one reason or another it seems everybody have something to hide. It’s just may be our nature. Human nature. But if there’s something hidden, for sure somebody will want to discover and reveal it. It’s once again the nature of the things. “Armed” with a Nikon d80 and a Nikon d700, Andre Turner from Vladivostok, Russia, is on his endless search of revealing the beauty, the ugliness, the simplicity, the excitement, the nakedness, the complexity or the unexpected of the moment and the things. Sometimes the quite simple things are the most beautiful ones but we just don’t have the eye to see them. The camera is like a mirror: you can not hide from it. And well, quite like a mirror, the camera sometimes lying, but always tells a story. Under any mask is another story to reveal. And the photographer is like a hunter, he will follow and hunt down every image that its worth, disclose all the secrets.
And Andre Turner don’t miss a thing. He made fascinating macros, he shoot peoples and animals, travel around with his camera and capture the aspects of the cities and the wonders of the architecture, he exposed the beauty of the human body or shocking contortions, he knows the magic of the black and white pictures and the explosive effects of the color shots, snapshots or concept photography, he’s always “hunting” and always catch something and share it.

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